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Proms of the Past

HUB-BUB’s spring fundraiser is this weekend – Just Like Heaven: Second Chance Prom – an 80’s Dance Party!  In anticipation of this event, we asked a few friends of HUB-BUB about their past prom experiences.  What we received were a variety of responses, from the good to the bad to the unexpected.  People went solo, went with friends or groups, or their own date.  One interviewee had even been to six proms total! That’s a lot of dresses.  And most of them agreed that the after party is what they remember most.

The great thing about HUB-BUB’s Second Chance Prom is that it’s like the after party: you can bring who you want to bring; you can relive the 80’s (and if you didn’t go to prom in the 80’s, you can still enjoy some Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper); and you have an excuse to get all dressed up.  With your ticket, you’ll get two drinks, snacks, and a night of dancing to your favorite 80’s tunes.  Cribbs Kitchen will also be offering a special prix fixe menu.  Now’s your chance to go for the Madonna look one last time!

Just Like Heaven is this Saturday, April 20th at 9pm at The Showroom.  You can purchase tickets in advance or buy them at the door.  Either way, make sure you’ve got your outfit ready and your dancing shoes on (preferably sparkly ones).


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The EXPECTING GOODNESS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is nearly here. If you don’t have your tickets yet, you might miss out if you don’t get them asap right here. Experience the goodness!

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The Sparkletones at The Showroom

The Sparkletones played on February 16th to a sold-out crowd at The Showroom.  I was taking tickets at the door, so I know how much the audience wanted to see the band (let’s just say that when someone’s in a hurry to see someone, the tickets fly at you from all angles).  The enthusiasm and excitement the crowd had for The Sparkletones was palpable, and the show didn’t disappoint expectations.  People got up to dance around and enjoy the music out of their seats – those are the best kind of concerts, in my opinion.

As a little background: The Sparkletones formed in Spartanburg in 1955.  They have a great history that travels outside of Spartanburg – they’ve appeared on TV shows such as The Nat King Cole Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and Dick Clark’s American Band.  The band is famous for their influence on Rock & Roll and Rockabilly music.  The group performed in Sparkle City after recently being honored on the Spartanburg Music Trail.   They’ve even made Sparkle City shine a little bit brighter by earning three gold and one platinum record!

Below are some pictures to recap a great show.  Thanks again, Sparkletones!  Until next time!

sparkletones 1 sparkletones 2 sparkletones 3 sparkletones 4 sparkletones 5 sparkletones 6

sparkletones 7

You can also go to for Dan Armonaitis’ review of the show.

P.S. The Mill Billy Blues (pictured below) opened for The Sparkletones.  They’re playing at The Showroom on March 1st, so if you enjoyed their show you can see them again!  You can even purchase tickets in advance.

sparkletones 9

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Expecting Goodness Teasers

Incredibly, the 2013 Expecting Goodness project films are due to me in exactly one month. My, how the months fly!

But this is an exciting time to be a part of the project because, as they move into post-production, the filmmakers are starting to share teasers of their films in photos and videos.

Here’s filmmaker Durham Harrison directing Grammy, played by Kathy Hartzog, in “Grammy’s Keys” (based on the story by Melinda Cotton).

Grammy's Keys

And here’s a shot from Jeff Driggers and Drew Baron’s “Pretty Pitiful God” (based on the story by Deno Trakas).

Pretty Pitiful God

And here’s a little featurette from Abe Duenas’ “Donde Come Uno, Comen Dos,” based on Lindy Keane Carter’s story “Sucker.”

And click here to see filmmaker Julie Sexeny, writer John Saylor, and organizer Kari Jackson (that’s me) on this morning’s Carolina Now talking about the Expecting Goodness project.

There’s more to come!

So if you want an experience like none other, and you want to see all of the 2013 films premiere, then you must, must, get your tickets soon for the March 23 festival at the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg.

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talk20 Recap – A Few of My Favorites

I don’t know about you all, but I’m still thinking about some of the talk20 presentations from early November.  Especially as Thanksgiving draws near (tomorrow!), I’ve come to appreciate more of the interesting and unique voices that Spartanburg has to offer.  talk20 was an event that opened up my eyes and ears to different voices of the community that I don’t think I would have otherwise known, and I’m thankful for that.

As a student at Wofford, I was especially impressed with Chuck Smith’s presentation about the 21st century serpent.  I’m not a biology major, and usually I tend to shy away from all things science (give me fiction, and I’m good!), but his presentation was fascinating to me.  I was so interested in the discoveries about these snakes, that I almost forgot that I’m prone to tuning out anything about reptiles.  The beauty of talk20 is that it gives listeners new insights to different worlds of information, information you might have otherwise looked past.

Chuck Smith’s presentation about the 21st century serpent

Another presentation that I absolutely loved was new-to-Spartanburg Jack Fisher’s talk about Rockin’ on Radio in the 60s.  The audience soon learned during the short presentation that Fisher had actually met The Beatles – he had even introduced them for their first concert in the United States!  The audience was in awe and Beatlemania was palpable.  My favorite part of his story was when he recounted a statement made by none other than John Lennon; as the Beatles were sitting backstage, Fisher overheard Lennon say something along the lines of, “Yeah we’re hoping to at least get two years out of this.”  And then history followed.  Fisher’s story was unexpected but a treat.  There was that feeling of connection to something bigger, something legendary.  The Beatles.  And here was the man who met them at their first concert in the U.S.!  His personal anecdotes made his presentation one of the most memorable for me.

Jack Fisher tells us about the Beatles

I loved all of the presentations though; from being inspired by Leah’s talk about the community to learning about going green from Anne Anderson – I went away from the evening with an enhanced knowledge of my community, its members, and about things I probably wouldn’t have learned about otherwise.  talk20 was a great success in my eyes; I’m already looking forward to next year’s.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Spartanburg, you should know that it’s quite epic.

Yes, 2011-12 HUB-BUB Artist-in-Residence Steve Snell created the adventure art project THE EPIC SPARTANBURG at the beginning of the year. Steve invited the Spartanburg community to tell him about adventures they’d like to have–adventures that he could capture on film and turn into videos that truly made them look epic.

I (Kari) went out into the woods south of Spartanburg with the mission to build my own shelter for the night. I had never been camping before, so a large part of the challenge for me was the idea of sleeping exposed outside. I was afraid of snakes, of bears, of rain. I won’t tell you what happened, but I will say that it was instantly epic for me, an experience that I will always remember as something that changed me.

Thus was my adventure, and you’re going to have to come to The Showroom on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 7pm to see how epic I and my fellow Spartanburgers became.

So, watch this video and get excited. (And ignore the call for adventures.)

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Expecting Goodness: LAUNCHED

One week ago we invited all of the 2013 filmmakers and writers to The Showroom to meet each other and the public. It was our official launch of the four-month project that is the Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival. As of now, the project is ON, the stories are transitioning into films, the filmmakers are building their cast and crew. And we’re super excited.


Filmmakers meet the public at Launch Night.

Chris and Emily

Chris White and Emily Reach White talk with Josh Foster about their experience in the 2012 Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival.


Filmmakers Drew Baron and Jeff Driggers talk alongside writer Deno Trakas, whose story “Pretty Pitiful God” they will use as inspiration for a short film.

Didn’t make it to Launch Night but still want to get involved? SIGN UP HERE.

We have our first four project events within the span of a week, the first happening (right now, actually) is the Screenwriting Workshop with Chris White and Emily Reach White (thanks to Paris MTN Scout for donating their time and expertise!).


Emily and Chris lead the screenwriting workshop in The Showroom.

Tonight, we welcome the hilarious and poignant Susan Isaacs to The Showroom for hersolo show Angry Conversations with God. Wednesday is our first in the Story to Screen series, where we invite you to read the story “Brokeback Mountain” and then watch the movie with us at the Spartanburg Library Headquarters, followed by a discussion. And, our final 2012 project event before it really kicks off in January is The Epic Spartanburg premiere with Steve Snell (which, we promise, truly will be EPIC) on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 7pm in The Showroom.

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