The dictionary defines hubbub as a loud noise of many voices. That’s just what this blog, the HUB-Blog is, too.

HUB-BUB is made up of two programs: the Artists-in-Residence Program and The Showroom Gallery & Performance Hall.  The Artists-in-Residence Program invites 3 emerging visual artists and 1 creative writer between the ages of 20 and 35 to “live free and create” for 11 months in the HUB-BUB building. Residents spend 20 hours a week helping HUB-BUB and getting involved in community based art projects. The Showroom, HUB-BUB’s home, gallery, and performance space, hosts over 100 nights of entertainment a year, including art exhibits, film, live music, poetry, open mic nights, theatre, and more. Many of these events take place thanks to partnerships with other non-profits and individuals in the community.

HUB-BUB has formed strong alliances with other organizations intent on improving the quality of life in Spartanburg, SC. Together with its sister organization the Hub City Writers Project, HUB-BUB is now part of a 501-c-3 organization called HubCulture Inc., whose mission is to build community through dynamic arts and ideas. With support and contributions from the community, HUB-BUB is thriving and making a name for itself in the region and across the country.

The many voices on this blog come from the artists-in-residence, the HUB-BUB staff and volunteers, community members involved with or in partnership with HUB-BUB, and artists or musicians that visit HUB-BUB or The Showroom. It’s our intent to make a loud noise with our words on art and the Hub City that we call home.


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