Proms of the Past

HUB-BUB’s spring fundraiser is this weekend – Just Like Heaven: Second Chance Prom – an 80’s Dance Party!  In anticipation of this event, we asked a few friends of HUB-BUB about their past prom experiences.  What we received were a variety of responses, from the good to the bad to the unexpected.  People went solo, went with friends or groups, or their own date.  One interviewee had even been to six proms total! That’s a lot of dresses.  And most of them agreed that the after party is what they remember most.

The great thing about HUB-BUB’s Second Chance Prom is that it’s like the after party: you can bring who you want to bring; you can relive the 80’s (and if you didn’t go to prom in the 80’s, you can still enjoy some Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper); and you have an excuse to get all dressed up.  With your ticket, you’ll get two drinks, snacks, and a night of dancing to your favorite 80’s tunes.  Cribbs Kitchen will also be offering a special prix fixe menu.  Now’s your chance to go for the Madonna look one last time!

Just Like Heaven is this Saturday, April 20th at 9pm at The Showroom.  You can purchase tickets in advance or buy them at the door.  Either way, make sure you’ve got your outfit ready and your dancing shoes on (preferably sparkly ones).


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