“Silent Majority” art exhibit

AmeriCorps VISTA and regular HUB-BUB volunteer, Sarah Hager writes a guest post about the reason behind this week’s art exhibit at The Showroom – the “Silent Majority.”  Hager is the organizer behind the exhibit.

the silent majority picture

“It’s no secret that women have made, and continue to make, extraordinary contributions to not only the local community, but the worldwide community as well. In many countries around the world, women make up the majority of the population. But even though statistics show an equal representation in society, women continue to go unheard.

Specifically in the United States, women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media but comprise 83% of consumer purchases. Additionally, the United States is 90th in the world in terms of women in national legislatures, with women holding only 17% of the seats in the House of Representatives. Ironically, women in the US are more likely to graduate from college and have a lower unemployment rate than men.

Concentrating more globally, it’s important to note that 70% of the world’s people living in poverty are women, yet women spend twice as much time, or more, than men on unpaid work. World-wide women on average earn 2/3 of what men earn.

This exhibit is meant to give women the voice they deserve by highlighting women’s contributions and innovations as well as the existing and continuing challenges women face today. Please join us for the reception on Thursday, March 14th, from 7pm-9pm at the Showroom to give a voice back to the ‘Silent Majority’.”


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