The Sparkletones at The Showroom

The Sparkletones played on February 16th to a sold-out crowd at The Showroom.  I was taking tickets at the door, so I know how much the audience wanted to see the band (let’s just say that when someone’s in a hurry to see someone, the tickets fly at you from all angles).  The enthusiasm and excitement the crowd had for The Sparkletones was palpable, and the show didn’t disappoint expectations.  People got up to dance around and enjoy the music out of their seats – those are the best kind of concerts, in my opinion.

As a little background: The Sparkletones formed in Spartanburg in 1955.  They have a great history that travels outside of Spartanburg – they’ve appeared on TV shows such as The Nat King Cole Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and Dick Clark’s American Band.  The band is famous for their influence on Rock & Roll and Rockabilly music.  The group performed in Sparkle City after recently being honored on the Spartanburg Music Trail.   They’ve even made Sparkle City shine a little bit brighter by earning three gold and one platinum record!

Below are some pictures to recap a great show.  Thanks again, Sparkletones!  Until next time!

sparkletones 1 sparkletones 2 sparkletones 3 sparkletones 4 sparkletones 5 sparkletones 6

sparkletones 7

You can also go to for Dan Armonaitis’ review of the show.

P.S. The Mill Billy Blues (pictured below) opened for The Sparkletones.  They’re playing at The Showroom on March 1st, so if you enjoyed their show you can see them again!  You can even purchase tickets in advance.

sparkletones 9


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