talk20 Recap – A Few of My Favorites

I don’t know about you all, but I’m still thinking about some of the talk20 presentations from early November.  Especially as Thanksgiving draws near (tomorrow!), I’ve come to appreciate more of the interesting and unique voices that Spartanburg has to offer.  talk20 was an event that opened up my eyes and ears to different voices of the community that I don’t think I would have otherwise known, and I’m thankful for that.

As a student at Wofford, I was especially impressed with Chuck Smith’s presentation about the 21st century serpent.  I’m not a biology major, and usually I tend to shy away from all things science (give me fiction, and I’m good!), but his presentation was fascinating to me.  I was so interested in the discoveries about these snakes, that I almost forgot that I’m prone to tuning out anything about reptiles.  The beauty of talk20 is that it gives listeners new insights to different worlds of information, information you might have otherwise looked past.

Chuck Smith’s presentation about the 21st century serpent

Another presentation that I absolutely loved was new-to-Spartanburg Jack Fisher’s talk about Rockin’ on Radio in the 60s.  The audience soon learned during the short presentation that Fisher had actually met The Beatles – he had even introduced them for their first concert in the United States!  The audience was in awe and Beatlemania was palpable.  My favorite part of his story was when he recounted a statement made by none other than John Lennon; as the Beatles were sitting backstage, Fisher overheard Lennon say something along the lines of, “Yeah we’re hoping to at least get two years out of this.”  And then history followed.  Fisher’s story was unexpected but a treat.  There was that feeling of connection to something bigger, something legendary.  The Beatles.  And here was the man who met them at their first concert in the U.S.!  His personal anecdotes made his presentation one of the most memorable for me.

Jack Fisher tells us about the Beatles

I loved all of the presentations though; from being inspired by Leah’s talk about the community to learning about going green from Anne Anderson – I went away from the evening with an enhanced knowledge of my community, its members, and about things I probably wouldn’t have learned about otherwise.  talk20 was a great success in my eyes; I’m already looking forward to next year’s.

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