talk20 Spartanburg: A Speaker’s Insight


Have you heard of talk20 Spartanburg?  

“What is talk20? A night when you can talk about anything you want. A night where you may learn about anything and everything. We’ve had everything from the 10 year renovation of someone’s house told through the eyes of their dog, to how to build an experimental airplane, to the 20 works of art that changed someone’s life, to the story of someone’s life through their fave articles of clothing, to the history of punk rock, and on and on. It is not a lecture but a gathering, an informal exchange of ideas with in and without our community. Here’s the catch: you get to show 20 slides with images only, and speak for only 20 seconds per slide (a total of a little over 6 minutes). The slides are on a timer, so the format is quite rigorous.”

Leah Lomotey-Nakon took the time to write a wonderful bit about her view of talk20 and why she’s participating.  You can read below about her topic and her insights in order to have a better grasp of what to expect before you go.

“Talk20 Spartanburg is here! When the opportunity to participate in Spartanburg’s version of the event I knew it was my chance to share my insights about Spartanburg – the area I love unconditionally and coincidentally my hometown.
I just returned to Spartanburg from a six year exploration of Atlanta which, along with many other cities, hosts a similar event to Talk20 called Pecha Kucha pronounced “pa-chok-cha”. The event style – started by designers in Tokyo – allots each presenter 6 minutes 40 seconds to share 20 slides each on screen for 20 seconds and advancing automatically. It is one of my favorite presentation styles, because it makes distill what might be a 20 page paper into the heart of the matter.

The work I will be presenting on Friday evening, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” pivots off of the idea that in a healthy neighborhood, each person and organization has a role and their contribution is asset-based, like transformers that are able to reform into the vehicle of their choice when necessary and several robots fuse as one when combating a tough enemy.

Although I am thrilled to share this idea, I am equally enthusiastic to encounter the work of my co-presenters, including: Lindsay Champion, Sterling Anderson, Anne Anderson, Jack Fisher, Abe Dunas, Lara Harrill, Chuck Smith, and the fabulous organizer of Talk20, Cate Ryba!

This is my first Talk20; I look forward to meeting the visionaries, thought-leaders and passionate folks like you who show up to events like this.

See you all there!”

Thanks so much, Leah, and to all of the participants and supporters of talk20 Spartanburg! 

The event takes place Friday, November 9th at 7:30 pm in The Showroom.

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