“Before I Grow Up”: The Traveling Chalkboard


“Before I Grow Up” is a project for the people of this community who have the desire to dream. One goal of HUB-BUB is to create and promote a sense of community around Spartanburg. But how much do you really know about your community? Do you know your neighbor’s dreams and aspirations? Maybe they want to change the world or pick up a quirky hobby. To answer this question, we’ve created a traveling canvas that will allow your dreams to be expressed for your community to see. Based on the “Before I Die” project in New Orleans, our project asks what you want to do or become before you grow up.

Keep in mind that “growing up” is less a matter of age than a state of mind. If growing up means becoming complacent, then what can you do with the time you have now? What do you want to be or do before you grow up? Dare to dream. We all have room to grow.

Below is a schedule for the chalkboard’s travels. Please come out and have your voice heard!

Sept. 11-12: Wofford College
Sept. 12: Converse College
Sept. 13-16: HUB-BUB
Sept. 17-19: Soup Kitchen
Sept. 20: USC Upstate
Sept. 22: Upstate Pride SC March

Special thanks to Wofford College for allowing us to use their chalkboard! 


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