College Iron Chef: A Love Story

I hold it as a truism that the best stories are love stories. Politicians on both sides of the aisle seemed to recognize this fact at their respective recent conventions when they frequently began their narratives with stories about their love of country, of their spouse, their children, parents, or whatever else.

I am not without my own love. For me, however, the object of my affection is not a person or place. Rather, it’s food.

I love the way food – all food – tastes, smells, and looks. I love how every culture has its own distinctive styles and ingredients. And I love how food brings people together like few things can. So when I came to college and learned I had no kitchen of my own anymore, I was sorely disappointed that I could no longer cook for myself. Or so I thought.

Necessity is the mother of (culinary) invention. I quickly learned how to use the limited resources I had to make great salads and sandwiches. Armed with a microwave, a bowl, and a few fresh ingredients, I learned how to make the best baked potato I had ever had. I also learned that other students were becoming more daring and creative than myself; for example, I once heard of a girl who cooked a steak in a microwave (a steak that, apparently, even tasted good!).

I began to wonder what the best college food was. What great things were my peers making in their dorms that I didn’t know about?

College Iron Chef promises to provide the answer. On Wednesday October 3 at 7:30 in the Showroom, students from local colleges, armed only with materials that could be found in a college dorm, are going to participate in a cooking competition to find who the College Iron Chef is. Judges from Cribb’s, the Hub City Co-Op, and the Hub City Farmer’s Market will determine a winner who will receive a mystery prize sure to be envied, and audience members will enjoy snacks and a show certain to entertain.

Perhaps you don’t just want to watch? Perhaps you have the winning recipe and you’re dying to compete? If this is the case, email with your recipe. Be sure to include how long the recipe will take and what utensils you will need (remember: they must be something you could find in a college dorm). Recipes will be chosen for the chance to compete based on how creative they are, their use of fresh, local ingredients, and how quickly they can be prepared.

Sign up on Facebook and be sure to submit a recipe! This is an event you will not want to miss! This is a culinary love story waiting to be told!


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