Meet Rickey Jones.

Rickey Jones is from Spartanburg, South Carolina and is an amazing musician. Rickey hasn’t always been a singer. His freshman year of college he began experimenting with singing and realized that he had a pretty good voice. Rickey began singing with a group at Wofford, Wofford Singers, and also begin to sing with his closet friends. Rickey also began recording and mixing his own music. Rickey will admit that his early stuff wasn’t the best quality but through practice Rickey’s music sounds like it has been recorded and mixed by professionals. Rickey draws inspiration from artists like Ryan Leslie, Drake, Tank, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. You can download Rickey’s mixtape here! Comment and let us know what you think! Check out an interview with Rickey!

(Mesha )When did you begin doing music?

(Rickey) I first started doing music my freshman year at Wofford during interim.

What is music? Why is it important?

Music is whatever you make it.  For me, music is art.  It is an expression; it’s my way of sharing my life with others.  I feel that music is important because it not only gives the person creating it a means of voicing him or herself, but is also a way of connecting with people you may never see face to face yet are dealing with similar situations.  Another reason why music is so important is because it is a way of getting away from everything; it gives you a chance to stop and forget about whatever negativity may be going on in your life and focus on something that is positive.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Life is my biggest inspiration.  When it’s your story, no one can tell it better than you.  My best songs have been ones that derived from my own personal experiences.  And although it’s hard to realize when you’re going through the situation, there are tons of other people who have gone through the same thing.

What kind of music do you do?

I mainly do R&B music, but I’m beginning to expand more into pop as well as trying to incorporate other genres into my music.

What is the relationship between the listener/audience/community and the music/musician?

It depends on the music and the person listening to it.  Even though I would love for everyone to relate to my music, some people won’t.  It’s no fault of their own; it’s just that we’ve had different life experiences.  When people feel that the songs they are listening to have value and relation to their life their relationship/connection with the artist is usually fairly deep.

what do you think of the Spartanburg music scene?

I think the Spartanburg music scene is growing.  I feel that if we continue to provide artists with a means of showcasing their music, more people will begin to realize the talent that is in Spartanburg. 

What do you think of Hub-bub and their contribution to the Spartanburg music scene?

I think the Hub-bub is awesome.  I’ve performed at the Hub-bub a few times and it was a great experience.  Their partnership with local colleges for events such as College Night Live is one of the reasons the music scene is beginning to grow.  I had no idea that there were as many artists of so many genres until I was in the crowd waiting to perform.  There was gospel, country, R&B, folk, you name it.  The Hub-bub is a great venue for aspiring artist and music lovers alike.

You can also go to Rickey’s youtube channel here  and to his facebook page here!

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