Summer Update

What an exceptional summer at HUB-BUB!

As chair of the board, I would like to give a shout-out to all our super interns and volunteers this summer. Between creating your own projects to writing blogs and your commitment of volunteer hours for events and the office, you guys rock and have brought some super fun energy to The Showroom. 

Thank you Sawyer Balance, Sarah Hager, Hannah Jarrett, Lee Cantey, Weslie Clark, Alex Hubbard, and Mesha Arant!

And thank you RJ Rockers for your support of our visiting artist, Molly Rose Freeman. If you haven’t seen the mural she created at the corner of Main and Daniel Morgan Avenue at Cribb’s restaurant, get out there! It is a unique and colorful piece of art to cheer and inspire our community.

And thank you Stephen Long, The Showroom Manager Extraordinaire, for last week’s pure rockabilly goodness. Southern Culture on the Skids wowed a sold-out Showroom. What a spectacular night!

Even though HUB-BUB is in the midst of some program evaluation and staff changes, we are as strong as ever. HUB-BUB is financially sound and is fortunate to have an engaged and active board. Regarding staff, HUB-BUB is currently operating at a higher number of staff than our first three years with one full time and one half-time staff person.

Our Executive Director, Celia Cooksey, left at the beginning of the summer. We were sad to see her go, but know she is still a huge supporter of HUB-BUB and its programming.

For 2012-2013, we are not having our AiR program. Like all smart non-profit organizations, we are evaluating programming not only for financial sustainability, but also for community impact and mission appropriateness. Until the board and staff determine what the next AiR program will look like, we are bringing in visiting artists to do specific projects, like the mural by Molly Rose Freeman.

Most importantly HUB-BUB in continually inspired and motivated by the community and city that has embraced our mission.

So stay tuned. You will be hearing more about where we are headed next — always with our mission in mind: creating community through arts and ideas!

-Rebecca Ramos

HubCulture Board Chairperson


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