Swing Time in Hub City

When I was a freshman at Clemson, some friends of mine convinced me to go with them Swing Dancing in Greenville.  I had never even attempted to swing dance before and was very skeptical that I had the coordination to do so.  However, they convinced me that it would be a lot of fun and I should just give it a try.  And they were right-I had so much fun!  That first week all I knew how to do were the basic steps.  It’s very simple but it still took me the whole 2 hours we were there to get it (that’s how uncoordinated I am).

I continued to go back for a few weeks and learned more complicated steps.  I never got especially good at swing dancing since I didn’t really practice and I stopped going after only about a couple of months.  But I had such a great time while I was there.  So when I moved back to Spartanburg after graduation, I got to thinking that I missed going to Greenville every week with my friends and swing dancing.  I know that Greenville isn’t really that far from Spartanburg but it’s not just always feasible to make that drive every week.  When I became a volunteer here at Hub-Bub, I heard that we used to host a swing dance at The Showroom.  I thought this would be a really great project to start up again!

So that’s what I’m to do.  I would like to gauge Spartanburg’s interest in a weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) swing dance.  Would you be interested in having a Swing Dance here in Spartanburg?  We would love it if you would comment about your interest.  Also comment about what your favorite type of swing dance is so we know what type to offer.  You don’t like to swing dance?  No problem, tell us about what kind of dancing you do like!  I learned so quickly how to swing dance because I had a great teacher.  We are looking for a teacher if anyone knows one, please send them our way!


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  1. Krista Jones

    I would be thrilled if Spartanburg could have swing dancing! I learned to swing dance in Greenville too, but as you said, it is not feasible to go every week. I do not know enough about different types of swing to suggest what kind to offer but am willing to try out differnt types!

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