Be Affected: A Short Intro Into Spartanburg Street Art.

In my opinion, Street Art is one of the most beautiful, most interactive, and most accessible forms of art. When people think of street art they most likely think of some type of graffiti but while graffiti remains the most common type of street art, other forms, such as environmental installations, remain a growing part of the art style as well. One of the best things about graffiti is that you cannot help but to be affected by it. It is the rawest form of artistic expression that comes directly from a city’s residents.

If you’ve walked through Spartanburg lately you have noticed the growing number of walls covered with beautiful pieces of art! Check out some of these beautiful pieces:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of our visiting artists, Molly Rose Freeman, contributed to Spartanburg’s street art by painting a beautiful mural on the RJ Rockers/Cribbs Kitchen building! If you haven’t seen this mural please go by! We will have a future blog post for Molly! Stay tuned!

What do you guys think about street art in Spartanburg? We would love if you commented on your favorite street art/graffiti pieces around Spartanburg! Maybe even tweet us a picture 🙂 Tweet us your pictures here!




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3 responses to “Be Affected: A Short Intro Into Spartanburg Street Art.

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  2. Ryoko San

    I drove past the east side graffiti wall last week and it was painted black. It made me sad.

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