An Introduction to “the one with the voice of an angel.”

Hi! I’m Mesha! I am a recent graduate of Wofford College and one of the newest volunteers at Hub-Bub! I’ve always had a passion for art, photography, music, and creativity in general, but never really found time to volunteer for Hub-Bub while I was attending Wofford! Now, however, I have all the time in the world and I’m excited to be a part of such an amazing non-profit!

I feel that as our world moves more towards more analytical ways of thinking, creativity is sometimes put on the back burner in schools, in culture, and in our daily lives. I started volunteering at Hub-Bub because I truly believe in what Hub-Bub is doing. That is, Hub-Bub is constantly trying to bridge the gap between the citizens of Spartanburg and the various forms of creativity that exist here. Hopefully I will write many interesting blogs for you guys and maybe I will be able to meet some of you and discuss this beautiful thing we call life 🙂

So, to tell you a little about myself:

ENFP, I love coffee, crossword puzzles, guitar, singing, yoga, reading, madhubani art, the academic study of religion, running, nature, and creating beautiful things. Hmmm. That about sums me up.

Stay tuned because I want to give you a little look into the Spartanburg “Street Art” scene!


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