The Saga Continues…

So there are now only five days left of my official HUB-BUB residency.  Travis left super early this morning.  I think he wanted to get home for Mother’s Day, which is very understandable and a what a good son would do.  I’m not leaving until you kick me out.  I still have five days left here and I’m going to spend every minute that I can in this badass studio.  Like I’ve said before, I will probably never have as nice of a place to work/live in for at least twenty years…I’m not giving it up easily.

This year has been one of the best of my life.  I’ve made a lot a lot of new work, but more importantly, I’ve made a lot of new friends.  From the day I arrived, Spartanburg has been overwhelming kind and generous to me.  The other AiRs turned out to be extremely cool and into various awesome things like chicken wings and swimming pools.  So thank you Spartanburg for your generous support and enthusiasm.  Thank you HUB-BUB for picking me and the other AiRs to be here.  You made me a better artist and a better person.  You made me feel like a hero.

So what is Steve Snell going to do after HUB-BUB?  Well, the plan is to stay in Spartanburg for the summer and finish what I started.  If you haven’t already heard, I’m a big time TV producer now.  I’m currently working on a TV show / video art piece called, THE EPIC SPARTANBURG.  (You can watch the original commercial at the bottom of this post if you haven’t already seen it).

I really believe in this project and its potential to be something great.  I only wish that I had thought of it at the beginning of my residency.  Now my plan is to work on it full-time this summer and complete as many adventures in the area as I possibly can.  My hope is to fund this project through various odd-jobs, art sales, and donations.  I still want to be a resident artist.  Here is my pitch!

You can support this project here:

In terms of a longer-term plan, I will be moving to Hastings, Nebraska in the Fall.  It is pretty much in the dead center of the country.  I am extremely lucky and was offered a full-time teaching position at Hastings College.  They are giving me health care and letting me teach  my very own ‘adventure-art course’.  My plan is to get a puppy and a motorcycle and roam the Great Plains for a while.  But don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of Steve Snell!  I promise to return one day.  I will be the guy with the awesome jeans/jean jacket ensemble and incredible beard.  There will be a hound dog that follows me around without a leash.  I will have on cowboy boots…

P.S.  If you are interested in participating in THE EPIC SPARTANBURG, let me know while there is still time.  I’m still accepting new proposals!


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