I really don’t like giving toasts. I’m not good at it.

I don’t have the wherewithall to compose myself in a moment’s time and offer up something profound. I have had several opportunities to get this right. but the sidelong glances I have aimed at the groom (once) and the bride (two times) during these bouts of verbal PDA have been returned by faces filled with confusion, anxiety, or regret at urging me to vocalize my opinions, allowing them to be amplified through a public address system in front of family and friends.

So……what I have learned: Keep it simple and short…and say what you mean.

Thank you so much to all the people that make up this lovely and  supportive community. When I arrived, I felt so welcome.  I stayed long enough that when I  woke up in the morning, I felt that I was at home. I have traveled a lot in my life, and this is a difficult sensation to achieve.

And being that I have a tendency toward the nomadic, this farewell has no finality. Also, its the 90s and everyone can find out what everyone else had for dinner last night if they really want that.

So, stay in touch, if you like that type of thing. I’ll be somewhere in the United States with a 1971 Shasta Compact camper following me, and if I’m in the area of the Sparkle, lets share a plate fried green beans.

Now, down those flutes of champagne! Let’s dance!

Thanks Everyone for Everything,

Mark Rice

PS if you were not able to check out the Exit Show, here are  links to the two large projects that I was able to complete during my residency…(with much more on the way)

SPRAY THE HOORAY : Non-Athletic Games


Huge Weather Trilogy


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One response to “Um….Farewell…?

  1. jgeier

    Glad this is “see ya later” rather than goodbye.

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