We didn’t know

When Josh Foster, Stephen, and I started planning/dreaming the Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival last October, we didn’t know if it would work.

We didn’t know if the writers from the book Expecting Goodness would allow filmmakers to use their stories as inspiration for films. We didn’t know that 18 of the 20 writers would respond with enthusiastic yesses.

We knew there were filmmakers in the region, but we didn’t know if any of them would respond to our call for filmmakers to take part in this pop-up festival, this one-of-a-kind project. We didn’t know if they would want to use a story as inspiration and make a film in two months.

When seven filmmakers registered and came to the launch night on January 11, we didn’t know if they would believe in the project enough to follow it through, to actually make their films. We didn’t know if we’d have seven films on March 24th.

As the project moved forward, and we saw the films coming together, and we made sure you, our community, felt involved through events like Film Fan Night and the Heroic (re)Production film workshop, and heard about the progress of these films through the HUB-BUB Blog, we hoped the community would get invested, but we didn’t know. We hoped people would want to come to the festival to see the completed films, but we didn’t know.

We didn’t know that in the three weeks leading up to the festival that the VIP tickets would sell out, that we’d have so many people emailing and calling trying to reserve tickets, that we’d need to schedule a re-screening.

We hoped, but we didn’t know that this would be the first annual Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival. We didn’t know that so many people would already be talking about how they want to be in it next year.

Essentially, we’re BLOWN AWAY by the response we’ve gotten so far. This experiment has proven itself beyond our dreams.

So, for everyone who wants to see these films but either can’t come on Saturday or tickets sell out before they get in, you can purchase $5 tickets in advance for the April 18 re-screening at 7pm at The Showroom, which will feature director’s cuts of several of the films. 130 tickets are available for that screening.

And if that second screening sells out, we’ll work on a third screening because we want as many people as possible to see these films, to be a part of the project.

And if you want to come Saturday night but don’t have a  ticket yet, we suggest lining up by 6:00 at The Showroom entrance. We’ll open the doors and sell general admission tickets starting at 6:30 until we run out.

So, Spartanburg, THANK YOU for believing in this project and for your enthusiasm over these stories and these films. You amaze us every day!



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  1. Rebecca Ramos

    Yay! We are so excited about this project and for our fabulous community that supports creative people — which is all of us!!! Josh Foster is an investment banker by day, film producer by night. Hooray for Spartanburg! For HUB-BUB and HCWP! And Hooray to all the writers, actors, directors, and fundraisers who made this happen! See you Saturday!

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