On “Where is William, Now?”

Jason Kruczynski

Jason Kruczynski

Jason Kruczynski, filmmaker of Jeremy L.C. Jones’ “Where is William, Now?” as part of the Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival, is a former resident of Brooklyn who grew up in Georgia and considers Oslo his favorite town in the world. Jay is a curious soul trying to find the best in every situation. He enjoys being involved in music, art, and of course travel.

Making a film has turned out to be a unique challenge to me. As a photographer who most covers events, I am used to seeing something happen and capturing it with my camera. Being a film maker is taking something I see in my head and making it an “event” to capture with my camera.

This really takes a lot more planning, but has so far been a lot of fun.

Another challenge for me is capturing motion without moving the camera too much. After taking some video I found that the scenes I saw in my head were more stills than motion and the video seemed too jerky and unfocused. I feel like I am overcoming this issue and the final product will be something I am proud of.

When I was reading over the original story I loved the scenes of a young girl playing in the woods and the beauty of it all. Here is a still of one of the beautiful scenes I found to hopefully capture the beauty I saw in the story, “Where is William, Now?”

–Jason Kruczynski


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