The happiness factor in Spartanburg

I just got home from the first night of the Green Screen Film Series (tonight’s film: The Economics of Happiness), easily one of my favorite and most inspiring events in Spartanburg for several reasons:

  1. THE LEARNING FACTOR. I love nonfiction. I write it, I read it, and I guess I want to watch it, too. The documentaries that we watch throughout the eight weeks in the series always teach me about different ways to see life, perceive life, live life, act on life. Frankly, I need the reminders, and I need to always be growing. So to be able to go to The Showroom every Tuesday night for 8 weeks for free and learn about the world and myself is so important and rewarding.
  2. THE COMMUNITY. I sit down next to my friend Phillip Stone, and behind him is Ned Barrett, and beside him is Angela Vinney, and behind me are new faces, and across the aisle is a row of college students, and in front of me is Isabel Forbes, and in front of her are Erica Shanks and Veronica Kneeland, and everywhere there are faces ready to engage, to learn, to take part in and be a community of doers. I’ve never experienced this anywhere else. I can’t tell you how much I value the opportunity to gather in a space like The Showroom for this series and all other HUB-BUB events.
  3. THE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS. Because we don’t just watch a film and go home; we watch a documentary and talk about it. The discussion that follows allows us to share how we see the ideas introduced in the film relating to our own lives, our own relationships, our own town. Hooray to the college student who said she was raised without a TV and still doesn’t own one. Hooray to Ned for pointing out the difference and division between a car (object) and man on a bike (person). Hooray to Nancy for offering a space to local artisans at the Plaza on Main, spreading happiness. Hooray to Spartanburg for supporting the exchange of and implementation of new ideas.
  4. THE POPCORN. Come on, it’s delicious.

Localization. Turning inward. To each other. Together. What can we do to look to each other instead of corporations for what we need to live? What does Spartanburg already have that we can support? What is it that makes a community and its people happy?

Three hyper-local things making me happy right now:

  1. Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival (stories written by local writers, published by local press, used as inspiration for short films by local filmmakers, filmed locally with local actors, to be shown locally in The Showroom on March 24)
  2. The Pocket Park (an unused space between two buildings transformed into a gathering place with permeable pavers and trees and, coming soon, tables, that will open officially on March 8 with a community party and book release for The Underground Guide to Spartanburg, which also features hyper-local places to go and things to do)
  3. The Blogging Workshop that happened last night at The Showroom (where 15 local newbee and experienced bloggers came to talk about their passions and how best to share them, and where 15 local bloggers enjoyed themselves and the conversation so much that they all wanted to stay in contact, share their blogs, and meet regularly to form a community of local bloggers)

The word, y’all, is ONLY CONNECT!



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3 responses to “The happiness factor in Spartanburg

  1. I’m so glad you are in the burg and not bum-F Egypt!!! See you Sunday 6:30

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Many great reasons to host a community screening! Thanks Kari J.!

  3. Thank you for reading and reblogging, James! The film was very interesting and moving, and it sparked a great dialogue among our community members present and in the days that have followed. Thanks for your work!

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