6.5 days til SUMMER ART!

This is the first of seven commercials for the SUMMER ART SHOW.

One-a-day until the show… like a vitamin.

Enjoy and we hope to see you there!



This February 18, the HUB-BUB Artists-in-Residence invite you to kick back and have some fun enjoying the fun of summer with Summer Art. Free from any academic or “high-art” intentions, Summer Art demonstrates the beauty that can be found in the common yet beautiful moments of summer life, elevating the typical and ordinary, like cannonballs and backyard games, to the level of the profound through videos, performances, art, and games.

This Saturday!
February 18th!
111 E. Main Street in Downtown Spartanburg!
Join the Hub-Bub Artists-in-Residence for an exhibition of Summer-themed art, performance, and music!

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Filed under Eric Kocher (11-12), Mark Rice (11-12), Steve Snell (11-12), Travis Blankenship (11-12)

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