Share Heart, Buy Art

This guest post is written by Erica Shanks, chair of our HUB-BUB Advisory Committee and co-organizer of Arts with Heart 2012.

Arts with HeartShare Heart, Buy Art. What a great way of showing how you can support your local artists and local non-profits in our close-knit community. This year Arts with Heart 2012 will be held at the HUB-BUB Showroom on Saturday, February 11th from 6-9pm. This event has supported local artists and organizations in Spartanburg for the past seven years. Local artists share their heart by selling work on behalf of local non-profits of their choice and is broken down as such: 40% of sales goes back to the artists, 40% to the non-profit, and 20% to keep HUB-BUB open to serve our wonderful community.

Our local artists and their non-profits this year include: Elizabeth Bagwell supporting The Haven; Isabel Forbers supporting Hatcher Gardens; Carroll Foster supporting Bearden-Josey Center for Breast Health; Stacey Hettes supporting Spartanburg Humane Society; Gaffney Jarrell supporting Community Healing Arts Program; Kris Neely supporting Spartanburg Area Conservancy; Melissa Pittman supporting Children’s Security Blanket; and Christina Ramsey supporting HUB-BUB.

Arts with Heart 2011

Arts with Heart 2011

Arts with Heart 2011

Arts with Heart 2011

HUB-BUB really finds a way to bring our community together, and this is just one of them. For one night you can come to this FREE event and learn about members of our community that have a passion for art, and meet others who have a burning desire to help those in need. When you bring both of those groups together under one amazing roof, imagine all the ideas that are created, relationships built, and people that are touched to give back in whatever way is possible to them. We hope that you come out of this night feeling energized to give back to your community in any way that fits your individual lifestyle. Whether that be giving back monetarily, volunteering, or becoming an advocate, you have the power to help your community, and this night is to show you how that can happen.

We hope you will join us for the 7th Annual Arts with Heart event.

–Erica Shanks


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