On “A Touch of Blue”

Porter Blackman

Porter Blackman

This guest post is written by Porter Blackman, filmmaker of Norman Powers’s “A Touch of Blue” for the Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival. Porter attended Spartanburg public schools through the sixth grade, when he left to attend schools in the Northeast. It was during junior high school and high school when he realized he had a passion for visual arts and filmmaking. He originally went to the College of Santa Fe to study film but graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. Studying psychology has given him a good understanding of human personalities and behaviors, which helps him with his storytelling.

The last few weeks have been very exciting for me.  I’ve been living away from Spartanburg several years, but now that I’m back, I am finding many wonderful people who have offered to help me with my film.

It was a real pleasure for me to meet the author of the short story that I chose.  Norm Powers who wrote “A Touch of Blue” drove down from his home in Landrum to meet me at the Hub City Coffee Shop in late January.  We had a wonderful meeting and I shared a copy of the screenplay with him.  He offered several suggestions and then told me that he wanted the film to be my “baby.”  I really appreciate his interest in my work and the comments he made about my screenplay.

USCUpstate is also being very helpful to me.  Dr. Peter Caster is lining up a 7D camera, offered help with the pre-production process and putting out a call for students to help as crew.  The Theater Department put up a notice about HUB-BUB’s Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival, and as a result, I have gotten several responses from students who want to be cast in my film.

In addition, Valerie Barnet has graciously shared her connections with the Spartanburg Little Theater community.  Immediately after I sent her a copy of my screenplay and the list of characters, she responded to me with a list of possible actors and their contact information.

Without the help of so many wonderful people who are enthusiastic about the arts in Spartanburg, it would be very difficult for me to make my film.  I am still in the process of doing the casting and finalizing the production dates and other logistics, but I believe that everything will come together very soon.

–Porter Blackman


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