The Cokes Dares on Daytrotter!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick lil’ message or two:

One of my bands, THE COKE DARES, is featured on the Daytrotter website today!

Daytrotter is a collection of live studio recordings made by bands traveling through Rock Island, llinois. Bands are invited to stop by the Daytrotter studio while on tour. A huge selection of bands, big and small, have graced to studio. Wilco, Bonnie Prince Billy, Moby, Bon Iver, Jolie Holland, just to name a few. It features an archive of hundreds of bands.

Anyway, I am not trying to sell you on anything here. My band is just featured today and I am excited about it.

You can sign up for a temporary membership (no credit card or $$$ required) that lasts for 7 days and browse and download all the music you want! Its quick! Its not stealing! I swear!

So the website is:

My band is called

The Coke Dares

(warning: this is a loud punk band)

There are two other music projects with which I am involved that have done Daytrotter sessions, and you will find these in the archive as well.

Magnolia Electric Co. (its been compared to Neil Young, shimmering country)


Impossible Shapes (psyche pop / rock, think Syd Barrett)

anyway, thats all!


Mark Rice


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