Some fun along the way

WheresvilleLet’s catch up with The Wheresville Project, shall we? In October 2011, they were named HUB-BUB’s first Next Big Thing, and tonight they play their first headlining show at The Showroom. Not bad for Spartanburg Day School students and musicians Brian Steinberg (guitar/vocals), Joseph Boscia (guitar/vocals), Ben Lawson (drums/percussion), and Hunter Mulkey (bass/vocals).

Describe a typical Wheresville Project show.

Energy, fluidity, preciseness, and fun are what we strive for in a live show. We try to engage the crowd every moment we can. It’s a real rock and roll show with a little funk thrown in there. We play a mixture of our own songs plus some covers by bands as diverse as Dave Mathews, The Black Crowes, Kings of Leon, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. When we first started playing as a band something that really bound us together was one album, ‘Stadium Arcadium’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. When we perform our own songs perfection is number 1 then energy becomes a priority. When you perfect the song, you have fun with it on stage.  (all)

How would you describe your NEXT BIG THING experience?

The Next Big Thing was a great experience for me. It was cool just to be able to play with a bunch of really great musicians and really see where we sat in the sound spectrum. The crowd was great and the performance was awesome, overall a fantastic experience. Winning the Next Big Thing legitimized us to a degree. It let us know that there was a fan base out there, and I think it gave us the confidence and the push we needed to start moving forward in our career. It was definitely a turning point.  –Ben

What, if anything, changed for you after your win?

I feel as though The Next Big Thing was a gateway for us. It opened us up to playing at more venues, and the publicity we obtained from it was invaluable. But you could ask any of us; we’re still the same 4 guys just trying to make music and have some fun along the way. –Joseph

What’s your favorite song to perform?

“Sinner” is our most popular song with our fans and we enjoy doing it because it is a high energy song and fun to play, but I love playing “Right Stuff at the Right Time” because it is an intense Rock song. It has a real gritty aspect to it with a classic rock lyricism and a punk rock mentality. –Hunter

What’s next for the band?

We all love music and hope to make a try at doing something with this band if the next couple of years go well for us. Right now we want to keep playing shows throughout the Southeast and writing new songs. We have enough for an EP, but want to finish up enough for a full album. There’s a chance we might have an opportunity to showcase in Nashville later this year, and we’re definitely hoping that is going to work out. It would be a great break for us. But no matter what, I personally plan to make music the main thing in my life, and I hope I’ll be making music with these guys for a long time. –Hunter



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