Parkour, anyone?

Parkour is coming to Spartanburg. What is Parkour, you ask? It’s this (notice the location of part of this video is our graffiti wall!). And, if you’re an Office fan, it’s something like this.

Chad and Chaco are opening the Parkour studio at Climb Upstate on Daniel Morgan Ave. just around the bend from us (meet them here, here, and here). Here’s a message and invitation we got from their crew the other day:

Chad and Chaco performed in last year’s TEDx Greenville and recently spoke at a TEDx salon on Jan. 19th. After running into a lack of support from local police, they have decided to open a studio/business in Spartanburg. They are especially interested in supporting local teen/preteens and eventually even starting a non-profit organization.  Kim taught a rock climbing interim course this winter and one of the highlights for the class was spending the day looking at Spartanburg’s urban spaces through eyes of a free runner (aka a Parkour practitioner).  As a thank you, Kim and I are trying to help Chad and Chaco out as much possible.

To that effect we are arranging a ‘tag day’ next Saturday (Feb. 4th) to help them get some graffiti on the walls of their new space.  They are trying to recreate a safe, fun urban space and they were inspired by the awesome graffiti wall behind HUB-BUB.  To all of you artists out there, please come by next Saturday and make your mark – be it graffiti, stencils, poetry, you name it!

For those of you who do not paint but who still want to help support Chad and Chaco’s efforts, we humbly ask for donations for spray paint. (Email Celia at for location.) Or if you want to send a paypal donation, you can email it to me at ‘’ (no quotes).  Cash is fine as well, of course.  I work at the Coffee Bar most mornings or you can drop it by the house.

Thank you everyone in advance for any support you can offer.  And if any of you have unique ways of helping Chad and Chaco (publicizing, design, photos, video, etc…) please let us know and we’ll put you in touch.  Thanks again!

-Matt (and Kim)

Location: 208 E. Daniel Morgan Ave. (in the Climb Upstate gym)

How AWESOME is that?!


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