Changes at HUB-BUB

By Rebecca D. Ramos, Esq.
Chairman of the Board

HUB-BUB is a lot of things. A venue for music. A gallery for art. A classroom for education. A space to dance, to sing, to create and celebrate.  A program for young people interested in the intersection of art and culture, interested in expanding boundaries, in seeing the world through their own authentic filter. An organization of bright and innovative staff and volunteers. An organization dedicated to service, to community, to engaging all of Spartanburg in the beauty and uniqueness of our city and of each other.

HUB-BUB is also a non-profit with a 15-member governing board. You may not know us. We lurk about The Showroom, collecting tickets and serving drinks, signing fundraising letters, and helping host events.  We have a list of responsibilities, the most important being that HUB-BUB fulfill its mission. That can only be accomplished when HUB-BUB’s long-term financial and fundraising health is attended to. We take this job very seriously because HUB-BUB means that much to us.

Looking to 2012-2013, with the changes in our national and regional economy and with changes to national grants to artists-in-residence programs, raising money for the arts is no simple task, even an arts program as marvelous as HUB-BUB.  So, to do what is right and appropriate for our mission and the long-term success of the organization, we are making some changes at HUB-BUB.

The first is changes in staff. We are going from three staff to two. We are letting AiR and Special Events director Cheryl Mirer go. This is a hard decision as our staff is our family, but looking at how we operate most effectively, the truth is HUB-BUB is a two-person program.

As we reflect upon the last five years and prepare for the next five, there will be additional changes. What does the community need? What does HUB-BUB do really well? What can we do better? How does our AiR operate versus other AiR programs? What do we need to do to ensure sustainability in fundraising and finances? Do our events, shows, and projects reflect and support our mission?

The board and staff will be asking these questions and others. This fall you, too, will have a role in this process through surveys and dialogue as we figure out how to be the best organization for our community.

So, there are changes at HUB-BUB. Changes that will ensure HUB-BUB will be here to celebrate our youth, to serve the creative side of our citizenry, to continue to be an innovative, idea place for the people of Spartanburg.


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