More and More on the AiR Invitational: Grayson Cox

Last but not least: Grayson Cox.

I have known Grayson for a long time. We both both got our BFA’s in printmaking at Indiana University. We have always shared a lot of interests. After leaving Indiana, Grayson, like many artists determined to “make it,”  moved to New York City.

Grayson rolled with the punches and quickly secured a good job working at a gallery in Chelsea. His work began steering away from directly relating to prints , but maintained a certain process-driven, repetitive task, and eluded to, either by subject or technique, the relationship humans hold with “manufacturing.”

Grayson’s work ranges from sculpture and interactive performance/installation to simple drawings. His most recent work is a series of silkscreen prints featuring hotel lobbies and other manufactured interiors which seem “designed to be empty.”

Grayson is now working on is second solo exhibition in New York. Not only is he a great artist, he has a great attitude, and truly loves his work. Grayson is a wonderfully talented person to which ideas and excitement come quite easily.

So…since this art bio has somehow turned into more of the description on eHarmony, I leave you with Grayson’s website…and I hope to see you at the AiR Invitational!



p.s. This event is:

Thursday, February 16th


@ The Hub-Bub Showroom

149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave.

Spartanburg, SC 29306

This exhibition will run from Feb 16th to March 16th.


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