Expecting Goodness, Building Community

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this little thing we’re calling the Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival, but you really should. What’s our mission here? COMMUNITY BUILDING. And here it is in film form.


Two weeks ago, we had the filmmakers who registered to make a film as part of the project gather at The Showroom for the launch. Seven guys showed up to take the challenge: Porter Blackman, Andrew Doughman, Abe Duenas, Adam T. Gordon, Jason Kruczynski, Wade Sellers, and Chris White. They each picked a story from the Hub City Press collection Expecting Goodness & Other Stories: The Essential Fiction of Spartanburg. So, here’s connection number one: South Carolina filmmaker selects Spartanburg writer’s story to use as inspiration for a short film.

Over the last two weeks, the filmmakers have been living with their chosen stories, creating storyboards, writing scripts, and building their teams. Many of them have met with the writer of their story, and many of them have been scouting filming locations in the Upstate.

Then on Saturday night we invited you to Film Fan Night at The Showroom, where you could meet the filmmakers and even sign up to help them on their films. And that was connection number two: bringing the films and filmmakers to the community at the beginning. You get to witness and/or be a part of the progress of these seven films that will premiere on the big festival night of March 24. You get to vote for your favorite to win the $500 Audience Favorite Award. You get to witness the talented people of the Upstate in this, HUB-BUB’s first film festival.

I have zero experience with film–only the several videos I’ve made over the last few months for HUB-BUB and Hub City–but I’m so into this project. Our filmmakers are excited and talented, and we can’t wait for you to get to know them over the next two months. Starting in the next few days, you’ll meet each filmmaker here on the blog, starting with Andrew Doughman, who is a reporter at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal right across the street from the HUB-BUB building.

So come hang out in AiR Steve Snell’s studio with us on Saturday the 4th for the Heroic (re)Production community film workshop to act out a scene from hero movie history and learn some aspects of production. It’s free! And Steve will cut all of the scenes shot throughout the day into a video that will make everyone involved epic.


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  1. Great recap, Kari ~ lots of connections, you’re right! 🙂

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