The AiR Invitational: Lou Joseph

A curatorial undertaking will be erected and directed by us, the AiRs, very soon. In roughly a month, Each of us four apartment-dwellers will be inviting an artist or writer that we know and love to exhibit and/or read in Spartanburg at Hub-Bub’s Showroom. One of my first round draft picks was Lou Joseph, an art-making machine. I have included two links as a window into the Creative World of Lou. the first s a review of his mid-career retrospective now on display in Baltimore entitled “Search Engine.” The second is a link to photos of this elaborate and expansive installation.

Lou is one of the many talented, inspired, and hard-working artists and writers that will be displayed at the AiR Inviational. The opening reception is February 16th at the Showroom…I hope to see you there!

The City Paper review
Images of the installation


This Hog had been ridden by Mark Rice


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