Making it: Noah Guthrie

This guest post is written by singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie, a native of Greer, SC, who’s making it big. We’re so excited for him!

The last year has been so exciting for me! It was such an honor to be featured on the Ellen Show website! It opened so many doors for me and allowed me to sign a management deal with LH7. Over the summer, I had some very cool things happen! A few weeks ago, I played my first show in Nashville, TN, at The Basement. After I finished my set, a girl came up to me while I was putting my guitar away. She was very complimentary and spoke with me for several minutes. It was dark in the club and it wasn’t until she came over to my table later to meet my parents, that I realized she was Sara Bareilles!!! She had been sitting in the front row during my set and had videoed me on her phone!

Noah and Sarah

Sarah Bareilles and Noah

I also had the pleasure of opening for Selena Gomez at her concert in Charlotte at the Times/Warner Amphitheater. She also plugged a couple of my videos on YouTube which

Noah and Selena

Noah and Selena Gomez

was a HUGE help! A couple of weeks ago, she and her parents, my managers, invited me to come out to Los Angeles to open for her at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood for her 2nd Annual Benefit Concert For UNICEF! I’ll also be performing at Room 5 in LA for several record producers and industry people for a showcase. This is my first trip to the West Coast so I’m VERY excited!!!!

–Noah Guthrie


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