Travis Blankenship: HUB-BUB’s Newest AiR

HUB-BUB and The Hub City Writers Project are very pleased to welcome Travis Blankenship to Spartanburg.


As I write this, Travis is in his car heading to Spartanburg from Davies County, Kentucky. Until a few days ago, he was teaching English Composition for the Kentucky Community and Technical College system. He received his BA in English from Western Kentucky University and his MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Mississippi. Travis is the founder of the Goldenrod Poetry Festival and was part of the Green House Poetry Slam Team. He has experience working with at risk youth and teaching English. He was a finalist for the HUB-BUB AiR Program this past year and we are thrilled that he’s accepted to fill our vacant spot in the program mid-year.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet Travis and hear about the amazing projects he’ll do in the community soon!



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2 responses to “Travis Blankenship: HUB-BUB’s Newest AiR

  1. Tom Craig

    My coon hound was asleep on her mattress four rooms away when I played the Pedigree ad. She flew to this room. Now I can’t get her to stop staring at the computer monitor. Tom Craig

  2. Warm welcome to Travis but…what did I miss? I just saw Eric two weeks ago…where’d he go?

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