Saturday=One Epic Day!

Holiday Handmade HooplaSo we’ve been telling you all about Holiday Handmade Hoopla for months now. How awesome it will be. How much cool handmade goodies you can buy. How many regional artists you can directly support with your holiday shopping because they keep 100% of their profits on Saturday.

Yep, so that’s what you can do with your morning if you get fabulous VIP tickets ($15 for stress-less shopping, free food, drinks, and mimosas!) or afternoon if you come during the general shopping time. But what do you do with your evening?

We say make it a Grain District night, with dinner at the brand new Zarza Eclectic Cuisine below HUB-BUB and an hour with Steve Almond at the Hub City Bookshop. Because both are awesome!

In fact, we have a little video for you that just might convince you to come to Steve Almond’s reading from his new collection of short stories. See God Bless America and laugh:

See you Saturday!


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