I love HUB-BUB because IT IS AUTHENTIC. –Liz Fort

I love HUB-BUB because it reminds me of the talent and energy that defines a community I love. –Bill Barnet

I love HUB-BUB because I meet so many fascinating people at HUB-BUB events! –Melissa Walker

I love HUB-BUB just because. –Norberto Gliozzi

I love HUB-BUB because it is the official place of nothing official! –Ximena Herrera

I love HUB-BUB because of its commitment to community –Kerri Ammirata

I love HUB-BUB because HUB-BUB loves Spartanburg. –Kam Neely

I love HUB-BUB because it provided a fun way for me to meet some of my first friends in Spartanburg. –Amanda Haas

I love HUB-BUB because they support creativity in our community. –Nick

I love HUB-BUB because it raises the cool quotient of our city. –Dorothy Josey

I love HUB-BUB because it gives everyone who lives in the area more choices–more choices about what’s going on in the arts community and more opportunities to be involved. –Mack Amick

I love HUB-BUB because it brings people together and builds community. –Darryl Harmon

I love HUB-BUB because it helps to stir my imagination. It offers me and my fellow citizens an outlet for a variety of affordable cultural and artistic events (many of them free of charge) in an effort to challenge the conventions of what can thrive in a sleepy Southern city. I have made countless friends and lasting relationships via HUB-BUB and am thankful to have it in my life. –Andrew Molinaro

I love HUB-BUB because:  HUB-BUB does what it says it does–builds community through dynamic art and ideas.  I love HUB-BUB because when I’m in The Showroom or at any HubCulture gathering I always see my neighbors and friends.  It is a great place for young folks to express themselves without limitation and with a lot of support.  It is amazing and I love HUB-BUB because there are beautiful ideas created and transformed into reality. –Paul Desmond

Show Some Love

Why do you love HUB-BUB? We’d love to hear what HUB-BUB means to you and your life! And we’d also incredibly appreciate a donation of any amount to help us keep doing that very thing that you love. Thank you!


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