Little bit of Cakehead at Hoopla…in just 18 days!

In just 18 days start your holiday season with HUB-BUB at Holiday Handmade Hoopla.

Tell me you’ve been to Cakehead Bakeshop. Ok, good.

For real, if you haven’t, you will find it at Holiday Handmade Hoopla.

Holiday cupcakes and cookies, gingerbread with lemon, eggnog with bourbon, black forest cherry cake, pecan praline cake, and other out-of-this-world treats will be abound.

AND if you buy a V.I.P. ticket and come between 10am-noon, your pimento and cheese biscuits, scones, and muffins are free. Oh yes.

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Made with love by baker Liz Blanchard, Cakehead Bakeshop is on a mission to serve Spartanburg delicious homemade sweets. Blanchard’s baking philosophy incorporates the use of inherited rustic family recipes with the collected findings from her decades’ plus worth of restaurant and bakery experience. With a baking style that is fun and natural, Cakehead is the epitome of old school baking with a unique twist.

“Cakehead’s chocolate chip cookies are so good, they make me want to cry.” —real quote from HUB-BUB’s own, Cheryl Mirer

Get the full scoop on Holiday Handmade Hoopla HERE.


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