My HUB-BUB by Katee Hargraves

Katee Hargraves

Katee Hargraves

This guest post is written by Katee Hargraves.

Hello Fellow Spartans!

My name is Katee Hargraves and I’ve totally fallen in love with HUB-BUB! The Snapshot Spartanburg Photography contest/exhibit has been so inspiring for me.

One day while rummaging through the local artist ads and articles I found a post about HUB-BUB and The Snapshot Spartanburg project. I was instantly excited and knew I had to get in on that project. I am very thankful I did because it has really re-lit my fire for Photography and Art.

Through all the excitement of trying to get the “perfect shot” and while helping to hang all the many photos I ended up getting to know our very own and truly amazing HUB-BUB Artists-in-Residence. ~ I encourage everyone to check out their works as they are very inspiring.

A little about my background: Well I think my real love for photography started when my parents took my two sisters and I on a cross country car trip. We took the Oregon Trail all the way across the very Majestic Rockies and beyond. I saw so many wonderful new things and I wanted to keep a part of that magical trip with me forever. Photography became my tool for doing just that. Then and now I still try my very best to capture what I can of a magic and beauty of Life and all that is in it.

This world is so beautiful and so very hard to try and describe in words or on film. I think my ultimate goal is just to try and capture what I can of that beauty in my photography and Arts.

No Clean Spoons

After gaining this love for photography I wanted to learn all sides of photography. So I went on to Manage a photolab, took photos of bands on tour and took photos for a few albums. One of those being for OHM’s lastest CD (formerly Megadeath).

So now that I have once again found my fellow tribe of local Artists I am very excited at what new things I will see and do. Thank you HUB-BUB for bringing the artists of Spartanburg together and creating spectacular little community projects like Snapshot Spartanburg and many others. I am so very thankful I took home 2nd place and won a Holga Camera. I am already looking forward to next year’s exciting contest. So see you soon, Spartanburg.

2nd place photo in Snapshot Spartanburg

Catch ya on the flip side.

~Make each new day your Masterpiece~

Peace & Many Blessings

Katee Hargraves



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3 responses to “My HUB-BUB by Katee Hargraves

  1. Way to go Katee!
    So very proud of your craft and positivity!

  2. C. Mack Amick

    Enjoyed reading your comments, Katee. Congrtas on the shot.

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