Meet Sherri Bobar of Earthly Elements…in just 27 days!

In just 27 days start your holiday season with HUB-BUB at our Holiday Handmade Hoopla.

Earthly Elements will be trekking in to Downtown Spartanburg from Inman with artisan quality, handmade jewelry using natural stones and pearls with sterling silver, copper, and brass elements.

Sherri says, “Since childhood, I’ve had a fascination with rock, shell, and fossil collecting.  Over the years, my interests have grown to include a love for gardening, as well.  Overall, a constant theme for my interests has always been a love of nature and the beautiful elements the earth produces.

“Designing jewelry has given me the opportunity to showcase these natural and beautiful wonders.  For me, it is a spiritual experience and one of awe to behold the beauty of these stones, shells, fossils, flowers, etc.  Therefore, it is truly a thrill to create everyday, wearable jewelry to include these ‘Earthly Elements’.”

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Get the full scoop on Holiday Handmade Hoopla HERE.


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