Hog #7

Hog #7

The newest in a long line of Hogs…

This Hog…# 7……

So once again, it’s been a blur. A pleasant blur.

Not the type that one sees while looking out from a spinning merry-go-round, that leaves your walk favoring a side and with a mighty lean. It is also not the type that forces your head down when being blasted through the sixth loop of a roller coaster.

It’s the type of blur that is more like family trips when I was young. It’s the type of blur that you feel when you know that you won’t possibly be able to remember as much about something as you would like. It’s frustrating, but all together remarkable.

So, to illustrate this blur I will exhibit the photos from my last couple of weeks here at Hub-Bub in the format that I believe showcases the Space and Time Blend that I have just described in the most accurate way. I hope that you enjoy this slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some important points in no particular order:

-Lee Simmons, Steve Snell, and I are 9 sessions into a movie class with students at Carver Middle School. We recently painted our green screen.

-I went to Moog Fest this weekend. It was a much larger affair than I thought it would be. My band mate and his brother built some amazing décor for the festival. I helped where I could. This mostly involved dancing a whole lot. Much has changed in the last couple of years in Glow Stick Technology. I don’t necessarily know why this should be noted, but it should be noted.

-A good friend of mine, Ian Quate, visited Hub-Bub for a day. We went exploring. Ian is a landscape architect specializing in the use of disaster and pollution sites as inspiration for natural revitalization projects. We found an amazing fluorescent orange and pearlescent algae growing in some of the puddles at the Glendale Shoals. We were both fairly sure that it COULD NOT be naturally occurring. It turns out that it is. It seems that Glow Stick Technology has taken its cues from Mother Nature.

-Steve Snell and I made Le Parc de Hot Dog for Park(ing) Day. It was a blustery day. Everything that stood was held down by cinder blocks. Even with the powerful gales, I was not able to get either of my kites aloft. This made me feel like a failure. A couple of Hot Dogs perked me right back up again.

-THE ZOMBIE CRAWL. Well, the weather was not plying fair, but I think we took over downtown Spartanburg nonetheless. Seriously though, thanks to all who came out and got down and dead with us…and for putting up with my trumpet playing. I should have practiced more. My 5th grade version of myself would be very disappointed with me.

Alright, Lets get along!

The fastest way to the center of your own mind is right….. through…… HERE!

This Hog was ridden by Mark Rice


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