Rory, Roar, Rory

Who makes you laugh like no one else? Your best friend? Your grandma? Your dog? Or maybe you have a favorite comedian on TV. Or maybe you could have a night of laughter like you’ve never had before next Wednesday when Rory Scovel takes the The Showroom stage as the first official comedian in the house.

Rory and I sat down at our computers for an email Q&A so you can get to know him a little better before the show. And, might I add, that you could make a night of it by dining on a glass of house wine and a select small plate for only $9 at the brand new Refuel Wine Bar & Retail in the Grain District. Wine and laughs=perfect.

What’s your relationship with South Carolina? I hear you have connections here.

I grew up in Greenville, SC, and my family still lives there.  Also I graduated from USC (Upstate) back in 2003.  I still have many friends in Greenville and Spartanburg, which makes shows like this really fun.

What’s the best audience reaction you’ve ever had at a show?

I played at Relapse Theater back in March of this year and the show was the most fun I’ve ever had on stage and a big part of that is because the audience was just so awesome to perform for.  They just got onboard with the fun right away.

As a comedian, are you always naturally funny, or do you feel like you have to save some of your jokes or lines for the stage?

I think there is def. a natural funniness to myself and most comics but the style of performing comedy for a show is a little different.  You want to carry the natural funny onto the stage where you sort of have a predetermined playlist for jokes.  Doing that offstage is just awkward and people are usually turned off by it.

When was the last time someone else made you laugh till you cried?

Nick Vatterott, an NYC comic, recently performed on a show with me in NYC.  He came out with a guitar and was in the middle of saying “just want to play a little song for you folks” when the guitar fell into a million pieces before it hit the ground.  It was one of the funniest starts to a sketch I had ever seen.  I was in tears.

You will be the first official comedian on The Showroom stage (woot!), so what can the fine people of Spartanburg look forward to at your show? If this is their first live comedy experience, how should they prepare?

I think its exciting to attend a show for the very first time.  You never know what to expect.  I do know however that in this one they will see 3 comics, Tyler Does, who also graduated from USC (Upstate), Derek Sheen and myself.  And in that lineup they will see guys that have been doing this job for quite a while and are really funny.  I hope they come ready to forget about everything going on outside, and have a relaxing laugh.  Live comedy is really fun and unique.  I hope they come ready to have fun.  I for one am ecstatic to get on the stage there.  I am excited HUB-BUB would have us in for the night.


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