Filling Empty Bowls

This guest post is written by Joey Geier, manager of The Little River Coffee Bar and volunteer organizer of Hub City Empty Bowls 2012.

Since 2009, Hub City Empty Bowls has been raising money for Spartanburg County non-profits who assist those in need of a good meal.  Next year we will hold the third annual Hub City Empty Bowls on January 26th.

I love this project because throughout the process of the fundraiser, the community comes together with the goal in mind to help those who are in need.  The basic idea is for the community to make bowls which are then sold at an event and filled with soups donated by local restaurants.  All the money that is collected is then donated to a non-profit in Spartanburg County.  This year the donations collected will be given to T.O.T.A.L. Ministries. For more information on their work, click here.

I am drawn to this event because it brings together two things that I feel strongly about–community building and feeding the hungry. It also has the added benefit of being fun.  It is not often that a fundraiser is so hands-on!  People of all skill levels are invited to attend one of our “making sessions.”  At these sessions you will be instructed on how to make a bowl. (It’s easier than you think!) Keep a look out for an announcement with the dates and times for these sessions. If you have a group of people–book club, Sunday school class, work group, etc.–that would like to use a making session as a team-building event please let us know so that we can plan a special making session for you.

Stay tuned to for dates of making sessions in the next few days.

-Joey Geier


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