A New Vision for Building Community

You got a series on this blog inspired by TEDxSpartanburg back in August and September. Well, that amazing event happened in The Showroom on September 10, and it was, well, amazing. 5 faster-than-you-could-imagine hours of speakers both live and in video and some fabulous music. One of those speakers was Melissa Walker, member of the HubCulture Board, and she spoke about us, about HubCulture, about why the Hub City Writers Project got started and why HUB-BUB came from that and what the culture does for the Hub we love.

So here she is. Hear why we’re here and what we’re doing.

But, wait, there’s more. Here’s HUB-BUB founder Kerry Ferguson’s talk “On Letters” about her project Sincerely, Spartanburg. And HUB-BUB Advisory Board member Anne Catlla on “Some Teach Math, Some Teach Philosophy; Why Not Both?” And AiR alum Claudia Dishon with The That performing “Able Fish.” And The Next Big Thing 2011 winners The Wheresville Project. And so much more–just search for “TEDxSpartanburg” on YouTube and you’ll find ’em.

And, so excitingly, HUB-BUB has been invited to CityWorks X(po) in Roanoke, VA, at the end of the month. A couple of us are going to go up (on scholarship!) to be involved in this “big ideas for small cities” conference. So, so cool. So, so excited to go and learn. We’ll bring back lots of ideas for you, Spartanburg!


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