Infomercial Art

Hey everybody.

It’s me, Steve Snell!

As a Hub-Bub AiR I am often asked, “What kind of art do you do?”

It’s perfectly reasonable thing to ask a resident artist.  I sometimes wish however that my answer was as simple and direct as the question.  I usually go into a ramble about how I am a painter but also a video artist and do performance a little, as well as drawing, sculpture, and installation.  Sometimes I will say ‘adventure-art’, but that requires an even more complicated and rambling explanation.  Well, in order to explain my art practice to others, I started to make informational videos about the work that I make.

Below, you can watch three of these videos.  One for each adventure!

Oh yeah.  One last thing.  I wanted to remind everybody that we are putting on a Zombie Crawl fundraiser for Halloween.  It is going to be awesome.  Basically, we are trying to get as many people as we can to dress up like zombies and invade Morgan Square on Friday, October 28th.  Like I said before, it is going to be awesome.  It’s not only a lot of fun but the money raised by the event will help fund all the great projects that we are hoping to make happen over the next 7 months.   I’ve been sitting on a few big adventure ideas for the last couple of months and without going into detail, one may or may not involve a re-make of a classic adventure story starring Michael J. Fox and a time machine.  All the information you need for the zombie crawl can be found here:


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