Bring Your Own Art/Music/Words/Visions

This Saturday is BYOA. Bring Your Own Art. We asked artists of all levels and specialties to register for the lottery, and ultimately 30 were chosen at random to exhibit (and sell) their work in the show. It’s going to be a great night, judging from the art that’s currently overwhelming the HUB-BUB office ahead of the AiRs hanging the show tomorrow. Lots of color, for sure, and some different mediums. Not all paintings. I’ve seen wood and fabric and beads, at the least.

But because The Showroom isn’t big enough to display everyone’s work, unfortunately, we want to give you the chance as often as possible to share your work with the world–Spartanburg and beyond. So, here, in the comments, share your website, share your blog, your videos and your photos, share your poems, your songs, and your passions. We’ll then share them with the world on Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks.

Okay, go, creative Spartanburg!


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