Change in the AiR

As Executive Director here at HUB-BUB, or perhaps more accurately as a human being, I’ve learned that flux should be expected. Singer-songwriters and entertainers come to The Showroom for a night, then set off; postball players, (literal) bookmakers, and animators come to Spartanburg for a few days, teach us something, and head out. And it shouldn’t surprise us that, sooner or later, one of our artists-in-residence might need to move on early too. So, now it has happened.

Camille Bonham, 2011 AiR, has left our residency program this weekend for personal reasons, and with a few teary smiles, she assures all of us “Burglings” with affection that, “it’s not you, it’s me.” In her words:

I’ve made a movie with over forty people, swum in lakes & rivers & pools & quarries, ridden my bike on red-dirt back roads, sampled delectable cupcake flavors, learned to whistle, learned to replace a rear derailleur, honed my lawn-game skills, experienced the glory of deep-fried pickles & more & more & more…

I have loved my time here.  It’s been a privilege to work with the dedicated, fun-loving, and innovative crew that runs and supports HUB-BUB. Both HUB-BUB and the Spartanburg community have been profoundly generous and welcoming and have made me feel completely at home, and the last three months have been full of joy.

Please understand that this decision is utterly & intrinsically personal, and that I’m leaving Spartanburg with gratitude to this phenomenal organization.

So, all of us at HUB-BUB are adjusting to the news this week, of course, but we respect Camille’s resolve and know that she put a lot of thought into her decision.

We also know that artists at the over 500 residencies around the U.S. do sometimes need to leave before their programs have ended, and that’s life. And life in a residency goes on, so please also know that Cheryl Mirer, our AiR Program Director, is already at work determining the best way for us to proceed—and we’ll certainly keep you posted as developments occur.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any particular thoughts or questions, of course—have a great week.


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