Hog #6 (Reasons to attend THE ZOMBIE CRAWL!)

Hi Everyone!

We had another wonderful and action-packed weekend at Hub-Bub.

I think that myself and my fellow AIRs are enjoying the slight lull in happenings over here at the Hub-Bub Show Room, but there are many great things on the horizon, especially if the horizon that you are picturing when I say the word “horizon” is a post-apocalyptic horizon emblazoned with all the psycho-trippy colors of the rainbow….I am, of course, talking about zombies. And since I am talking about zombies I should probably talk about the Zombie Crawl.

We are all very excited about this event! This happening incorporates the trifecta of educational, collaborative, and ceremonial aspects that make for a unique and unforgettable Hallow’s Eve Experience!

This event is a benefit to raise funds for Hub-Bub’s Artists-In-Residence supply fund. This collection will be used to fund supplies needed for community projects here in Spartanburg. So, by contributing and participating in the Zombie Crawl, you are investing in more events in the future like this one!

What are these community projects you ask? Well, all of the AIRs have many projects in the works, both solo and collaborative. I will only speak to the ones in which I am personally involved.

Here are some of them in no particular order:

Rungish Towers Project

This project consists of a series of painted sculptural towers made from fence posts. These towers will be installed around downtown Spartanburg.

These towers will lead the viewer through a narrative written in Rungish. The term Rungish is of my own invention. It describes a method of writing that I have used in my artwork for the last five years. Rungish takes the phonetic sounds of English words and breaks them into lines, or rungs, of three letters per line. The language is then read top-to-bottom. This language, or dialect of English, transforms reading into an interactive performance.

I have used this method of writing in several projects over the years, but the reason for its usage remains the same. It is used to slow the reading process. The way the language is laid out makes it impossible to quickly read it and carry on. One must concentrate and empathize with the text to make any sense of it.

Here are some pics from previous projects I have done using the Rungish language.

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to purchase fence posts and hardware for the installation of this public sculpture.


Watchovia Hills

This is a book project related to the Rungish Towers Project. The extremely short stories on the towers located around Spartanburg will then be fused together and elaborated upon to create a book of drawings and stories called Watchovia Hills.

This story takes place in the suburbs of Florida. All the adults leave for work during the day, leaving young deviant child and elderly persons to intermingle.

The stories will be parafictional, incorporating a synthesis of autobiographical, non-fictional, and fictional information. The settings and characters will draw on a range of influences, from the small town in Indiana in which I experienced my formative years, to the city of Spartanburg and what might have transpired as early as yesterday.

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to create a published copy of this book.


The Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate Movie Workshop

Fellow AIR, Camille Bonham, and I visited the Boys and Girls Club of Gaffney to facilitate the creation of a stop-action animation featuring the children at the club. We visited a total of seven times. Each meeting had a different amount of participants, but all children were from 4th to 5th grade.

I would like to propose a return to the Boys and Girls Club in Gaffney to do another workshop.

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to pay for supplies for the class as well as gas money to and from Gaffney.

The Hub-Bub Invitational

In February 2012, we will be holding the Hub-Bub AIRs Invitational. This is an exhibition of artists that we think work well together. We are in the process of working out who will be coming, but it plans to be a great show. I must admit, I am a little biased in that regard. So far, artists and writers from Texas to New England will be represented.

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to help offset the expense of shipping artwork to and from the Show Room, as well as travel costs for some of the visiting artists.

Silkscreen Workshop / Kite-making workshop

I am planning at least one, possible a series, of printmaking workshops. I will start with a t-shirt making workshop. If that goes well, then we can all try our hand at some Japanese-style rice paper kites. Both workshops plan to be very interactive, and you will leave with a work of art of your own design!

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to purchase supplies for the class. I own many of the tools needed, but certain chemicals need to be purchased. This is in an attempt to make the class as low-cost as possible.

Summer Art Show


Spray the Hooray Non-Athletic Games

Still trying to keep a lid on this one, but….

Do you like summer time?

Yeah, me too.

Don’t you appreciate the heat and feel of summer so much more when you of shivering in the icy wind of winter?

Yeah, me three.

A winter exhibition of summer exploits and charms is in the works and is scheduled for the dead of winter. Videos, games, products, music, tournaments are planned.

In an effort to keep some of the cats in this bag, I will stop here.

Funds received from the Zombie Crawl benefit will be used to create this summery environment.


Thanks for reading this blog. If you can come out to the Zombie Crawl, please do. It should be a great time and you will be supporting a large variety of Spartanburg community projects by participating. Thanks!

This Hog was ridden by Mark Rice.



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2 responses to “Hog #6 (Reasons to attend THE ZOMBIE CRAWL!)

  1. When might this zombie crawl take place? And where does it begin? Details, please.

    • There will be details coming soon.
      There is already a page for it on Facebook…you can search it and definitely find it.
      The date for the event is Friday, Oct. 28th and it starts at 7 pm.

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