Big Things and a Big Thank You

Wow. What a show! Last night, nearly 200 people packed The Showroom to experience The Next Big Thing 2011 with us and cheered along (and sang along) to The Upstate Group, Rachel Chalmers, Chief Jenxz, joie., St. Maurice, Mr. Reddy, Liz Hutchens, and The Wheresville Project. The Showroom was decked out for this, our first major fundraiser, and we had over 20 wonderful volunteers decked out in red HUB-BUB t-shirts that said “I am what the HUB-BUB is all about.” And it’s true. Last night is what the HUB-BUB is all about. Eight very different musical acts: musicians experimenting, collaborating, being authentic.


The Next Big Thing 2011 performers

All night long the fantastic celebrity judges gave their feedback and the audience stuffed the vote boxes for their favorite to win the People’s Choice Award. And in the end, it was The Wheresville Project who swept the night with both awards! Spartanburg, The Wheresville Project is The Next Big Thing 2011!

The Wheresville Project

The Next Big Thing 2011: The Wheresville Project

But, for the judges, it was such a tough choice. They deliberated for nearly 20 minutes. Everyone was fantastic, and believe me it was killing all of us HUB-BUB folk that we couldn’t just give the title and the prize to every one of them! But, really, they’re all winners, and you’ll be seeing them again on The Showroom stage because we’re going to continue to support these amazing young musicians in any way we can.

And YOU, Spartanburg, helped us continue to support artists of all kinds last night by your support in buying a ticket or votes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve helped to keep and further community events like Snapshot Spartanburg and talk20, emerging artists in programs like Emerging Carolinas and BYOA, the gallery and performance and community gathering space The Showroom, film series such as the Green Screen Film Series (and the exciting forthcoming Short Film Festival), theatre like the raunchy Santaland Diaries that we have around the holidays every year, and, not the least, our own Artists-in-Residence Program that brings 3 visual artists and 1 writer to Spartanburg every year to “live free and create” for 11 months and work in our community.

You’ll be hearing from our executive director Celia Cooksey and board chair Rebecca Ramos in the next few days, when they’ll tell you more about your impact on our organization and our community. If you didn’t made it to the show but still would like to support HUB-BUB, you can still donate in honor of The Next Big Thing here.

Until then, Spartanburg, YOU’RE the BIG THING in our hearts.


HUB-BUB staff


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5 responses to “Big Things and a Big Thank You

  1. Ximena Herrera

    Congratulations to all who organized this great event, and a big shout out to Celia and Rebecca, two amazing women who love this organization. Spartanburg is a better place because the work you both do.

  2. I had so much fun!!! Thank you Hub-Bub and props to all the volunteers!

  3. Michel Stone

    Hat’s off to the HUB-BUB staff, event organizers and volunteers, judges, performers, and all who made last night’s event great! You’re all what the HUB-BUB is all about! What a fantastic evening!

  4. Kam Neely

    great work, hub-bub staff and volunteers!

    • I truly enjoyed all performances it felt great giving you what I have to offer, Carolinas!!!!! Thank you for creating a venue 4 musical gifts to be shared Hub-bub. Congratulations Wheresville! keep rockin !

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