Is it…The Wheresville Project?

next big thingIs The Wheresville Project HUB-BUB’s Next Big Thing 2011?

You get to decide if they should win the People’s Choice Award!

The Wheresville Project

The Wheresville Project

Why The Wheresville Project says they should be named The Next Big Thing:

Wheresville consists of real, honest musicians who are dedicated to their craft and are able to connect with the audience in a way that makes them feel that they are part of the experience. Music is a powerful thing able to invoke strong emotions in people; we love nothing more than being able to share something that powerful with anyone who will listen.

The act:

Hailing from Spartanburg, SC, and influenced by many musical styles, The Wheresville Project plays original Blues-rock inspired songs, plus classic rock and modern rock covers. On stage, they present an exciting and energetic performance that can be enjoyed by an audience with varied tastes. As one journalist wrote, “The growing popularity of The Wheresville Project has some wondering if they could be the next Belleville Outfit (former Spartanburg-based band). While this appeals to older fans who can sing along to covers, Wheresville has also succeeded in appealing to younger audiences with its modern, youthful, original material.”

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Vote for The Wheresville Project to win the $500 People’s Choice Award.

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