Is it…St. Maurice?

next big thingIs the band St. Maurice The Next Big Thing 2011?

You can help make them the People’s Choice winner!

St. Maurice

St. Maurice

Why St. Maurice says they should be named The Next Big Thing:

We have all been musicians from a very early age and we have a deep rooted connection to what we play. It isn’t the music that gets the people interested in our shows (although that plays a VERY important part), it seems to be the heart that we put into a music gig and our showmanship that gets the best out of the audience. We would like to show that music with heart and soul can still make it today and that good music doesn’t have to be mainstream pop. The Next Big Thing should have soul and show real dedication to music like our group.

Vote for St. Maurice to win the $500 People’s Choice Award

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St. Maurice


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