Is it…joie?

next big thingIs the all-women band joie. The Next Big Thing 2011?

You can make them the People’s Choice Award winner!



Why joie. says they should be named The Next Big Thing:

3 girls + awesome music = winning. duh. On a more serious note, our music is unique, original and, well, memorable. Think about it–how many all-female bands are out there right now? I mean, legitimately write, compose and play their own music? joie. wants to be THAT band. Over the last few months we’ve developed a following and are ready to take it to the next level: The Next Big Thing.

Their act:

Hailing from different parts of the continent, the ladies of joie. have come together to pursue what they love: playing and creating music. We put a great spin on some favorite covers, but you’ll remember us most for our originals.

Follow joie. on MySpace, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Vote for joie. to win the $500 People’s Choice Award

Get your tickets to experience the big show




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