Elizabeth Stehling, an emerging artist

Palm Reading 2

Palm Reading 2

Elizabeth Stehling is a winner of HUB-BUB’s 2010 juried exhibit Emerging Carolinas, and currently you can see her work in The Showroom alongside fellow winners Michael Ohgren and Jim Arendt. The reception is next week, September 15 from 7-9pm during Art Walk, so you’ll get to meet her in person! But, here, you can meet her through her words and several of her images.

Elizabeth graduated from Pratt Institute’s Master of Fine Arts studio program in 2010 and was recently an Artist in Residence at the Rensing Center in Pickens, SC.  She currently divides her time between Greenville, SC, and Brooklyn, NY. Her recent exhibitions include Art Connect Leap in Berlin Germany and Come and Go with Me, a multi-disciplinary performance collaboration at White Whale Gallery in Greenville, SC.  Her artworks use video, performance, and drawing to incorporate her interests in the complexities of personal relationships, aiming to reveal emotional struggles and intimate glimpses into identity and psychological response.

So, here’s our little Q&A:

Describe your art in three words.

Textured, layered, soft

What led you to art?

An obsession with drawing horses at a young age led me to art, which then led to seeing more closely.  Seeing, having curiosity and a desire for meaning continuously lead me to art.

When people come to your show at The Showroom, what do you hope they take away from your work?

In my recent works, my intention was to explore how fate works when one is interdependent.  Is one able to have free will when one can only respond to what is presented by others?  Choosing the contra dance movement presents a metaphorical relationship to these themes because of its repetitive and communal nature.   I hope that viewers will appreciate seeing development of a metaphor through artistic investigation.

Contra Fate

Contra Fate

Contra Fate

Contra Fate

Contra Fate

Contra Fate

What new projects are you working on?

I continue to be interested in the themes of my recent works presented at HUB-BUB.  I am exploring more perspectives to engage this topic.

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