The Next Big Judges are Big Things

Dorothy Josey

Dorothy Josey

Meet Dorothy Chapman Josey, writer of this post: painter, HubCulture board member, Regional Hospice board member, and host of The Next Big Thing 2011! Dorothy was born and raised in Spartanburg. She is the former Deputy Art Director of Time Magazine cover art, and her oil paintings are in the Johnson Collection, the Spartanburg Public Library Collection, the Wofford College Collection, the Episcopal Church of the Advent and the Gibbs Cancer Center. We love having her on our board because she is so enthusiastic about everything…and certainly The Next Big Thing!

I got a taste of what it’s like to be a judge on a reality talent show last week as we watched auditions for The Next Big Thing and selected our 8 finalists out of about 30 contestants.  Our job was easy when it came to choosing the first couple of spots, but then it got really difficult…still singing the blues about one of my peeps.  So the REAL judges are going to have a really tough time.

Paul Riddle

Paul Riddle

But they are pros.  I don’t think Paul Riddle will have any trouble knowing if the drummer is keeping time. When something was wrong in the auditions I might know something wasn’t right but I couldn’t tell you why.  Luckily we had some gifted musicians judging who could articulate why something was good or not so good.  I’m so excited Paul said YES.  He loves HUB-BUB and we love him! He was the drummer for the Marshall Tucker Band in its heyday. MTB’s blend of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, country and gospel helped establish the Southern rock genre in the 70s. I remember Paul pre-rock-and-roll at Spartan High when he wore starched white oxford cloth shirts and “high-water” khaki pants and drove this really cool (1956?) Impala. He had that extra “je ne c’est quoi” even back in 1969!

Valerie Barnet

Valerie Barnet

Valerie Barnet is Spartanburg’s first lady of theater; think a female Richard Gere.  Many of you may not know that she met her husband Bill after she had played a drunk in a slip on stage.  He came back stage to meet her and has been on an exciting journey ever since.  Everything Valerie involves herself in she does with immense and intense passion, whether it’s serving on the board of  the School for the Deaf and Blind’s Walker Foundation, singing at Westminster Presbyterian, acting in a play at the Little Theater or teaching drama at Spartanburg Day School. This woman gets around and gets it DONE!  We are thrilled that she is bringing her myriad of talents to helping us find The Next Big Thing.

Gordon Owens

Gordon Owens

OMG. What can I say about Gordy Owens? That he’s the best thing that happened to me in 2011?  That whenever I meet someone who knows him and I mention his name their face lights up like a Christmas tree?  He is THE BOMB DOT COM.  Last year he patiently taught me and my two left feet to dance for the Cancer Association’s Dancing with the Stars (don’t ask me who decided I was a star but that’s another story…). He patiently donated so much of his time for that great cause.  And now here he is bringing his considerable talents and experience to being a judge for NBT.  Just a little about him:  Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. The role of “Richie” in the National Touring Company of the Broadway Musical “A Chorus Line.”  Eight years on Broadway in “Dreamgirls,” “A Chorus Line,” “Starlight Express,” and “Miss Saigon.” Then he moved to LA and had roles in lots of TV shows and movies.  When we worked together, we realized that we were both in NYC at the same time in the 80s and I probably saw him on Broadway!  And if you go look at his bios, you’ve probably seen him on TV or in a movie or on Broadway, too.

Lindsay Bennett

Lindsay Bennett

Lindsay Bennett is the only celebrity judge that I don’t know personally, but having read her bio she definitely has her rock ‘n roll creds.  She is the daughter of Joe Bennett of the famous 50’s band “Joe Bennett and the Sparkle Tones” whose hit “Black Slacks” is so much fun to sing and a work out for your lips!  She is gorgeous and crazy talented.  Lindsay studied at Converse College’s Petrie School of Music.  She has been on TV, in movies, produced other artists, worked in musical theater, recorded her own music, been in music videos…get the picture?? She ROCKS.

These judges will actually be judging the contestants on September 24 at the BIG EVENT.  They will pick the  winner who will get a session with a real Hollywood talent agent and a $1,000 cash prize.  But everyone, including you and your neighbor and your best friend in France, can vote for the ($500) People’s Choice winner, whether you can attend the event or not (though we sure hope you can!). Vote for your favorite now!
This event is going to be so much fun and you gotta be there so when you see them on Letterman one night, you can say you knew our winner when they were Spartanburg’s Next Big Thing! (Tickets here!)


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6 responses to “The Next Big Judges are Big Things

  1. Paula Baker

    COOL BLOG……thanks soooo much for making the real Judges come Alive!!! theya re all more than fabulous…..Can’t wait…..!!

  2. I am really grateful that someone has chosen to create a venue in our area of South Carolina. There is a lot of talent here, that has yet to be discovered. I am sure that all performers will bring their best and the judges will enjoy the competition here in the Carolinas. Thank you!

  3. myrahendley

    We are excited to be part of such a wonderful event for the world of art in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. We are thankful to all who put in hard work setting up this event! The judges are an inspiring group! What an honor.

  4. manetgurl

    joie….great pic in today’s SHJ. For those of you who don’t know joie. is one of our 8 finalists. Three beautiful self-taught female musicians.

  5. Teresa Hough

    And there she is! Mom extraordinare, fabulous painter, divine dancer, and now the writer of a blog! You are a blog writer…..and a host of the event. Tell me Dorothy of Spartanburg, what is there that you can’t do? So proud for all of you: the event, the talent, and the actors. This is the beginning of many of The Next Big Thing! You are all to be commended on your efforts for the our community. Have fun……..

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